PT Toduri Sulawesi, Indonesia

Active members: 190
Active from year: 2012
Total production capacity: 76.000 kg of green beans

Product: Arabica Coffee
Certifications: N/A

Sales information

Product: Washed Arabica
Quality: 85-86 cup score (64% of volume)
Quantity: 50.000 kg of dry parchment

PT Toduri (Toduri) is a Small Medium Entreprise (SME) that helps farmers in the village of Latimojong in the Enrekang Regency and in the village of Bontolerung, Gowa Regency, to process coffee with specialty standard and market their coffee with fair price. Two of the PT Toduri collaborating farmers won number 9 and 11 in Cup of Excellence Indonesia 2021.

Farmers can supply coffee in any forms such as cherries, wet or dry parchments and green beans. Progreso supports PT Toduri since 2022. With this support PT Toduri will be able to provide pre-finance or cash on coffee delivery to farmers for a better price.

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