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Our belief

Tens of millions farmers worldwide make their living growing coffee and cocoa. Most of them are affected tremendously by economic hardship, deforestation and climate change.

We believe that when farmers join forces, they can become real engines of impact.

Transforming their communities, by increasing incomes, creating jobs, preserving and restoring ecosystems, empowering women and giving young people the opportunity to lead.

We support these united farmers in uplifting their livelihoods and making their communities thrive and endure.


What we do

Over the past 15 years the Progreso foundation worked hand in hand with over 100 producer organizations and 300.000 farmers around the world.

We support the professionalization of farmer-owned enterprises, so that they can join local or international value chains.

We find ways to farm that conserve forests, nurture soil health, and boost crop yields in the most vulnerable landscapes out there.

And we do this together with everyone; female and male farmers, talented youth, baristas, funds, coffee and cocoa buyers, traders, coffee shops, chocolate makers, banks and coffee en cocoa lovers.

Because we believe that’s the only way to move forward.

Forward in improving the lives of millions of coffee and cocoa farmers, their families and communities worldwide, while restoring balance to our planet at the same time.


The Progreso

Progreso works together with organized farmers on five components. Within these components we work with our partners on structurally improving yields, reducing chemical inputs, ensuring access to (premium/certified) markets, securing credit readiness and promoting climate smart, long-term productivity. This way Progreso contributes to creating value chains that work for people, profit AND planet.


Progreso worldwide

Progreso works together with over 100 producer groups who represent more than 300.000 farmers worldwide.

What others say about Progreso

“Forward-thinking” is what first comes to mind when talking about Progreso. Whether it’s participatory communications platforms, climate resiliency strategies or creative and agile funding mechanisms that support farmers’ and artisans’ needs…Progreso stays one step ahead of the game! It has been our pleasure to collaborate with them and to have built so many lasting friendships between individuals in our respective networks”

— Monika Firl, Director of Sustainability at CoopCoffees

“Progreso provides a great bridge between the commercial and development world. By aptly leveraging their producer partners’ sustainability and ethical practices and actively making connections between these worlds, Progreso makes our lives as conscious buyers and investors a lot easier and less risky”

 Lennart Clerkx, Founder at This Side Up

“Progreso is often the first organization around when organized smallholders need support. Through an integrated approach – combining access to finance, markets, networks and trainings on different levels – Progreso sets an example for the sector

— Albert Boogaard, Head International Programs at Rabobank Foundation

“Before we started working with Progreso, Kabeywa was on a water drip. Now we feel alive and strong! Through Progreso’s support, we have increased our capacity, improved the coffee quality and production, which led to many more market opportunities for our members”

— Ms. Kaptui Phyllis Brenda, General Manager at producer organisation Kabeywa in Uganda.


The Team


Isabel van Bemmelen

Managing Director


Edmond Muller

Program Manager ProClimate


Linda van Veen

Project Officer


Elodie Pouvatchy

Communications Manager


Yasmin Córdova

Program Manager Latin America

progreso - joseph

Joseph Kalema

Project manager Africa


Ghislaine Bongers

Program Manager Africa


Steffie Rijpkema 

Monitoring & Evaluation Manager