CV Royal Ontosoroh Central Java, Indonesia

Active from year: 2015
Total production capacity: 60,000 kg of green beans

Product: Arabica and Robusta Coffee
Certifications: N/A

Sales information

Product: Specialty Arabica and Robusta from Flores, Sulawesi and Java
Variety/Quality: Varies, all specialty coffees
Quantity: 60,000 kg of green beans

CV Royal Ontosoroh (Ontosoroh) is an Indonesian exporter located in Yogyakarta, Central Java. Ontosoroh supports various farmer groups on the islands of Flores, Sulawesi and Java to process and export their coffee and obtain better prices for their products than on the local market.

Where needed, they also provide technical assistance to improve processing and drying of these coffees. Ontosoroh specifically focusses on supporting smaller farmer groups who are not in the capacity of finding more interesting buyers for their specialty coffee themselves.

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