Cooagronevada, Colombia

Active members: 50
Active from year: 2007
Total production capacity: 15,000 kg of dry cocoa beans

Product: Coffee and cocoa
Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade

Sales information

Product: Dry Cacao bean
Variety/Quality: Criollo, Colombia
Quantity: 10,000 kg of dry cocoa

This cooperative of coffee farmers of the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta has producers located between the Minca and Río Piedra areas. This green business not only seeks to sell coffee and cocoa but also focuses on improving the lives of the 56 families, with a special focus on providing additional income to women (currently 19) for being female-produced coffee. Progreso also supports them in their transition to organic cocoa and helps them promote their products. This results in organic cocoa certifications, improvements in cocoa quality through correct fermentation methods and different visits to cocoa events worldwide. 

Cooagronevada is included in the “Plan Maestro”, meaning that they are using our digital tools to improve their technical data in the field and commercialization through Beyco.

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