Asoarhuaco, Colombia

Active members: Cocoa: 191
Active from year: 2015
Total production capacity: 35,000 kg of dry cocoa bean

Product: Dry cocoa bean
Certifications: Organic, Small Producers

Sales information

Product : dry cacao bean
Variety/Quality: Criollo, Colombia
Quantity: 35,000 kg of dry cocoa bean

The Asoarhuaco Association is an indigenous producers association from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta region of northern Colombia. The cocoa producers are found between the Aracataca and Fundación river basins that shelter 17 communities, from Kantinurwa to Kutunsama.

Progreso’s supports the rehabilitation of cocoa cultivation, the installation of benefit centers and storage and access to external markets. The support resulted in the rehabilitation of 6 ha of cocoa, control of the often occurring monilia plague, implementing good organic agricultural practices, the improvement of social networks and contributing to European cocoa networking connections. Asorarhucao is in the “Plan Maestro“, meaning they are using Progreso´s digital tools to improve their technical data in the field and commercialization through Beyco.

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