Global Cafés, Colombia

Active members: 256
Active from year:  2012
Total production capacity: 600,000 kg of green beans

Product: Coffee
Certifications: Fairtrade, Organic, UTZ, SPP

Sales information

Product : Arabica Coffee
Variety/Quality: Castilla, Colombia, Caturra, Typica,  Bourbon
Quantity: 600,000 kg of green beans


Global Cafes is located in La Plata – Huila is a cooperative of small producers outstanding in differentiated cup coffees with the sweet flavour of red cherry fruits addressed in exclusive market niches where is seeking a good quality of cup and life of the producer.

Progreso has been supported from 2019, helping them to find more clients for their products and technical assistance to increase their production

Global Cafes is included in the “Plan Maestro”, being part of climate resilient using our digital tool and taking action in traceability in Huila.

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