Federación Campesina del Cauca, Colombia

Active members: 549
Active from year: 1971
Total production capacity: 700,000 kg of green beans

Product: Coffee
Certifications: Organic,  Fair Trade

Sales information

Product : Arabica Coffee
Variety/Quality: Castilla, Caturra, Suppremo, Burbon, F6
Quantity: 2700,000 kg of green beans


Federación Campesina del Cauca (FCC) is a second-degree association of grassroots organizations in the central area of Cauca that work to improve the living conditions of the peasant, their family and the human team of the F.C.C. with principles and values-oriented to agro-ecological practices, productive diversification, conservation of natural resources, which works for the defence and representation of farmers to dignify their work and the impact.

The organization is included in the “Plan Maestro” they are using our digital tools to improve their technical data in the field and commercialization through Beyco.

Contact Progreso for more information: davidco@progreso.nl

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