Cencoic, Colombia

Active members: 3152
Active from year: 1980
Total production capacity: 800,000 kg of green beans

Product: Coffee
Certifications: Fairtrade, Organic, Café Practices

Sales information

Product : Arabica Coffee
Castilla, Colombia, Caturra, Typica,  Bourbon
Quantity: 800,000 kg of green beans

Cencoic is an indigenous cooperative located in the Cauca Valley in southern Colombia and is, with 3,122 members, the largest cooperative in Colombia that we work with. 

Over the last five years, with support from Progreso, the cooperative has increased the implementation of good agricultural practices at their members´ farms, implemented bio-factories to improve the fertilization of crops and centers to strengthen the post-harvest  infrastructure. These measures have led to an increase of the yields from 700 kg/ha to 1,250 kg/ha (green coffee) and improved the coffee quality from 84 to 86 points.

The organization is included in the “Plan Maestro”, meaning that they are using our digital tools to improve their technical data in the field and commercialization through Beyco.

Contact Progreso for more information: admin@progreso.nl

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