MPIG Arabica Flores Bajawa Secondary Cooperative, Indonesia

Active members: 1.084
Active from year: 2014
Total production capacity: 50.000 kg of dry parchment and 100.000 kg of wet parchment

Product: Arabica Coffee
Certifications: In process of Organic certification

Sales information

Product : Arabica Coffee
Quality: 85-86 cup score (70% of volume)
Quantity: 50.000 kg of dry parchment

MPIG Arabica Flores Bajawa Secondary Cooperative (MPIG-AFB) is a secondary cooperative that consists of 4 primary cooperatives as members, namely Famasa, Primavera, Papataki and Papawiu with a total membership of 1081 farmers.

The MPIG-AFB program focuses on developing coffee value chain and strengthening coffee farmers’ institutions. They provide a coordination function to its members by promoting Bajawa coffee, lobbying key buyers and collective marketing. 2022 is the first year for MPIG AFB to receive financial assistance and technical assistance from Progreso

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