Mitra Petani Toraja Sulawesi, Indonesia

Active members: 570
Active from year: 2021
Total production capacity: 25,500 kg of green beans and 20,000 kg of dry parchment

Product: Arabica Coffee
Certifications: N/A

Sales information

Product : Arabica Coffee
Quality: 84-86 cup score (70% of volume)
Quantity: 25.500 kg Green Beans

KSU Mitra Petani Toraja (MPT) is a Toraja coffee farmers cooperative established in 2021. Toraja coffee is well known, both nationally and internationally, for its its distinctive coffee characteristics and as being one of the best coffees produced in Indonesia.

From the beginning of its establishment, the MPT cooperative was able to facilitate the sales of coffee from farmer groups to coffee companies based in Toraja and local roasters in cities in Indonesia. 

Progreso has been providing financial and technical assistance to MPT since 2022.



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