La iniciativa colombiana, Colombia

Active members: 795
Active from year: 2005
Total production capacity: please see each organization

Product: Arabica coffee, cocoa and banana
Certifications: Fairtrade conventional , Rain Forest, UTZ, CP.

Sales information

Product :Arabica coffee, cocoa and banana
Variety/Quality: Castilla, Colombia, Caturra, Tabi,  Bourbon, Geisha, criollo cocoa and banana
Quantity: see each organization please

Colombian Initiative comprises 24 organizations along all colombia. Coffee, cocoa and banana are their main products, and it establishes for representative scenarios to defend the interests of small producers in self-sustainability scenarios. The Initiative is an independent union from traditional companies. Today Progreso support the commercialization, marketing and financing of their principal selling points with equipment and tools with Clac. Today Progreso is seeing the result in community stores located in three strategic locations where all the organization are selling their products, besides supporting with accounting systems and website for fullfill their purpose .

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