KSU Famasa Flores, Indonesia

Active members: 235
Active from year: 204
Total production capacity: 80.000 kg of green beans

Product:Arabica Coffee
Certifications: Fairtrade (165 members), Organic (165 members)

Sales information

Product: Green bean, dry parchment and roasted coffee
Quality: 84-86 cup score (70% of volume)
Quantity: 49.000 kg of green beans

Koperasi Serba Usaha Famasa (Famasa) established in 2004 is a coffee farmer cooperative in Bajawa, Flores. Progreso has been supporting Famasa with working capital loan since 2020 to pre-finance the purchase of coffee from their members, provide small loans for coffee production to their members and pay for some operating costs within the season.

Implementing organic farming practices and supported by a favorable microclimate, Flores Bajawa Arabica Coffee has a distinctive and unique taste: fruity with a strong floral aroma, moderate acidity and sweet.

Contact Progreso for more information: kiki@progreso.nl

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