We are happy to announce yet another great addition to our Beyco team: Jean Calliope SIBORUREMA, who joined us as the new Beyco Implementation Officer in Rwanda. Of course, we have some questions for him to get to know him better!

I was born and raised in the Western Province of Rwanda. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Crop Production and Horticulture from the University of Rwanda Busogo Campus in 2015. My journey in the agricultural sector led me to Mibilizi Coffee and Food Stuffs (MICOF), a company dedicated to exporting organic coffee to Japan. During my years at MICOF, I proudly served as the Production Processing Manager for CYINGWA C.W.S, where I put to work my skills in managing production processes and ensuring the highest quality of products.

When I came across the job opening at Progreso, I felt excited about the prospect of contributing to the implementation of digitalization systems in our cooperations. I fully agree with Progreso’s commitment to advancing knowledge and skills among cooperative workers, particularly agronomists and data managers, which resonated with my aspirations for the agricultural sector.

I think that we can contribute to the empowerment of cooperatives through the adoption of digitalization systems and equipping them with the tools needed to enhance efficiency and productivity and facilitate seamless data management and analysis. This not only ensures the availability of accurate information but also opens up new opportunities with potential buyers.

I am looking forward to bringing to practice my experience and collaborating with Progreso and Beyco. Here’s to a future where digitalization and collaboration take us toward greater heights of success!