For Buyers

As a buyer, you are working in the coffee and/or cocoa value chain.


There are different options to collaborate with Progreso.

Project investment

You can collaborate with Progreso by supporting a project. We aim to improve the capacity of a producer organisation to enhance coffee and cocoa in quality and volume and to secure access to coffee and cocoa in the future. We focus on sustainable business development of the producer organisation by taking into account access to finance, capacity building, access to markets, diversification, and environmental preservation and renovation. Your contribution, in-kind or in cash, can be discussed on an individual basis.

Financial assistance

You can collaborate with Progreso in terms of setting up a rotating fund within a producer organisation. Progreso supports producer organisations in the development and implementation of input finance funds, or as we call them; rotating funds. Producer organisations get trained on how to provide sustainable credits to their members and manage this loan portfolio. Through setting up a rotating fund the producer organisation is able to provide the needed input finance to their members, which banks are unable to fulfill. Input finance can be used to give farmers on an individual basis access to farm inputs, renovation and rehabilitation capital, or other ‘high risk’ loans.

Producer visibility and direct field updates

You can collaborate with Progreso to get more insights into who the producers of your product are. We are able to:

  • Monitor the development of the smallholder farm households and the producer organisations in the long-term. We will enable you to access our online monitoring and evaluation system. There you can see the results of yearly conducted organizational assessments of the producer organisations, as well as the results of the close monitoring of the development in livelihoods of the smallholder farm households.
  • Provide you with a short-term one-off detailed report on a specific producer organisation and its members. Who are the members and what does the producer organisation look like? This will give a personal face to the products you buy.
  • Conduct living income studies. These can be included in short and long term monitoring. A living income is the income of a farm household that is needed to cover the costs of a ‘decent standard of living’. This includes food, housing, education, health care and other basic needs, plus the investments in the farm and a buffer to cover the costs during unexpected events. Based on living income assessments, the current farm household status and a fair wage and/or price for the coffee or cocoa can be determined.
Consultancy assignments

You can hire us! We can visit any producer organisation you are interested in.

We can provide the following services upon your request:

  • organizational assessment, through using our assessment tool MIDCA
  • improve quality through capacity building and/or setting up facilities
  • financial literacy training
  • price risk management training
  • capacity building in good farming practices and environmental resilience to enable long-term produce
  • analyse best market options
  • setup certification systems

The added value of consulting us: We have a holistic approach and we work with many producer organisations. Through our consultancy assignments, you will not only get done what is requested. We will also share with you our thoughts about the organisations’ capacity on finance, markets, organizational development, business sustainability and environmental resilience. Besides this, we will benchmark the specific producer organisation of interest with a similar producer organisation.


We have a large number of producer organisations within our network. We can connect you to reliable producer organizations and advise you on possible fitting relationships related to origin, quality and volume. On request, we can provide you with samples.

Please let us know what kind of coffee or cocoa you are looking for, and we look for the best match.


We have developed a global coffee platform, Beyco, which will facilitate you in finding the coffee you are looking for. Please make a profile on and search by coffee quality/country/export month or go straight to the profile of the producer organisations of your interest.


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