Chocolates, Colombia

Active members: 911
Active from year: 2014
Total production capacity: 795,000 kg 


Product: Cocoa, Cocoa liquor, cocoa bars, cocoa nibs
Certifications: Fairtrade, Organic, Bird friendly

Sales information

Product: Cocoa, Cocoa liquor, cocoa bars, cocoa nibs
Variety: Colombia cocoa
Quantity: 795000 kg conventional cocoa

Chocolate Colombia started in 2014 with a collection center in Caucasia (Antioquia, eastern Colombia) as an initiative for cocoa farmers to have a greater commercialization of their cocoa. Nowadays they are a second level organization with 10 base organizations, selling cocoa beans with FairTrade certification, special cocoa with sustainable cocoa guidelines as well as conventional cocoa in the national and international market.

Furthermore they have a transforming factory located in Llanos de Cuivá, Angostura (Antioquia) which produces products derived from chocolate and provides chocolate processing services for the national market.

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