Shwe Taung Thu, Myanmar


Active members: 350
Active from year: 2018
Total production capacity: 50,000 kg of green beans

Product: Coffee
Certifications: Planning for FT certification

Sales information

Product: Natural Arabica, centrally processed in 17 villages
Quality: 84 – 86 cup score (50% of volume)
Quantity: 50,000 kg of green beans

Ywangan Shwe Taung Thu (STT) is a farmer owned company located in the town of Ywangan in Southern Shan State, Myanmar. STT was founded in 2018 and has 350 core members from 17 villages around Ywangan.

There are another 3.500 coffee farmers in the region that regularly deliver their cherries to one of the 17 villages, which significantly increases the sales potential for STT as well as their area of intervention and impact. STT aims to find the best (inter)national markets for the coffee produced by their farmers, and even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and political tension in Myanmar have been able to export high quality coffee every year.

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