Major updates to the Beyco Farmer App

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We are excited to announce a major update to the Beyco Farmer App, packed with new features designed to revolutionize the cocoa trade. Here’s a detailed look at what you can expect with this week’s release.

Cocoa sellers can now access loans directly through our platform, providing crucial financial support to help them grow and manage their operations more effectively. Our loan module has been updated to cater to coffee and cocoa sellers, ensuring that all our users can benefit from financial assistance tailored to their needs.

Traders and buyers can now request cocoa samples through the platform, simplifying the process of evaluating and purchasing cocoa products, fostering better decision-making and smoother transactions.

Cocoa deliveries can now be grouped within the BFA Dashboard, offering a more organized and streamlined approach to managing multiple deliveries, and enhancing overall efficiency. Additionally, you can publish cocoa deliveries as offers directly from the BFA Dashboard, facilitating quicker and more effective trading.

Sellers can now directly publish dried beans offers from the BFA, increasing visibility and making it easier for potential buyers to access these products. Traders also benefit by being able to sell and combine the dried beans they have in stock, providing more flexibility and better inventory management.

Both sellers and traders can now create liquor offers. Sellers can start from scratch or convert their dried beans into liquor, while traders can manage their liquor stocks, starting from zero, buying from sellers, or converting their dried beans. This conversion process maintains product traceability, ensuring transparency and quality control throughout the supply chain.

We’ve made significant improvements in how prices, differentials, and quantities are displayed during negotiations and in contracts, ensuring clearer and more accurate information for all parties involved. Our updated website now features a comprehensive ‘About Beyco’ page, providing detailed insights into our mission, values, and the services we offer.

We’ve also enhanced the user interface for cocoa offers. This includes a page views counter, allowing users to check how many times their offer page has been visited, and an accordion feature for easily viewing offers with multiple products. Based on user research, we’ve re-ordered the information to align with user preferences and needs.

Finally, we’ve improved our error messages to provide more detailed feedback. Users will now receive specific messages when their password is incorrect and clear indications when uploads fail due to file size issues.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements, and as always, we welcome your feedback to help us make Beyco even better!