Progreso Spinn-Offs & Innovation


Spinn-Offs & Innovation

To support new insights and ideas, Progreso is an incubator for new initiatives

Below, you can find a brief description of the Progreso spin-offs which that we are actively collaborating with:

LEARNING. To stimulate the exchange of best practices amongst producers, we launched an online learning community for farmers and practitioners in 2009, called the Progreso Network


CLIMATE.To counter land/soil degradation and support producer to adapt to changing weather patterns, we initiated Proclimate in 2010 – working works on land restoration, plantation renovations and/or ‘climate smart agriculture’ to create an agricultural system that is resilient, supports livelihoods as well as the future crops. ProClimate offers an innovative model, engaging the carbon markets and the supply chain partners, to co-finance climate adaptation- and implementation costs. Click to go to the ProClimate website.


CROWDSOURCING. We are developing unconventional and creative finance models to cater to the needs of producer groups. One such example is Grow Ahead, a consumer finance model. Other initiatives are ongoing with high net-worth individuals, impact financiers and climate finance.


In case you are interested in one or more of these initiatives, please contact us.

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