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Technical Assistance

The socio-organizational and institutional capacity of the participants often needs to be strengthened, allowing efficient use of resources and to enhance their productivity and business management and performance.

Progreso assists the organizations during the complete productive and commercial process to establish themselves as efficient and competitive organizations, always seeking growth and sustainable development.


To assist organizations to achieve a solid organizational structure, enabling them to improve their productive and administrative performance; to provide technical assistance to increase productivity and improve quality of their product; and to facilitate a platform where producers share their experiences and knowledge.


Activities in this component include:

Institutional strengthening at organizational level, for example: training of members in cooperative principals, training of the board to strengthen their capacities to govern the organization.

Strengthening of capacities at the management level. Activities directly related to improve the performance of the management, for example: commercial risk management strategies, implementation of quality management or internal control systems, improvement of the financial/administrative capacities and systems of the organization.

Strengthening of the capacities at producer level. For example: training on pre- and post-harvest activities (production, collection, organic fertilization, maintainance, processing), organic agriculture, implementation of certification requirements and quality management aspects, among others.

Besides these activities, Progreso program focuses on exchange of experiences and learning; aiming to share the producers' knowledge and experience, a strategic alliance has been established with Progreso Network ( Progreso Network provides a virtual platform to build a learning community.

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