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The Supervisory Council of the Progreso Foundation is the highest governance organ. Supervisory Council members are Mr. Huub Keulen (Chairman), Mrs. Minke van Rees and Mrs. Marjan Sax.

There is also a Project Committee, that makes sure that every single project that is implemented contributes to Progreso's overall goal.

The team is made out of (starting with newest in the organisation):

 Manel Modelo. He has joined Progreso on October 1st, 2016. He has plenty of experience working with producer groups. We have known Manel for more than 10 years and collaborated with him. He has worked for organisations such as Rainforest Alliance, Root Capital and Fair Trade USA. Within Progreso, he is in charge of Directing the program in Latin America and Eastern Africa (in collaboration with Kalema and Yasmin) and supporting the strategy development and fundraising efforts. He is originally from Spain and lives in San Cristobal de las Casas, in beautiful Mexico. You can reach him at:

 Yasmin Cordova. She has joined Progreso on September 1st, 2016. Thanks to the support of the YEP Foundation in The Hague we were able to hire this young professional in Peru - where she is from and based. She will be working with Manel, Edmond and Linda in monitoring and managing the portfolio in Latin America for the Progreso, ProClimate and Resilience Fund programs. She has working experience with AVSF, a long-time partner of Progreso. You can reach her at:

 Daniela Luppi. She has joined Progreso in the summer of 2016, to support in the activities of reporting and monitoring. She is also helping us to gather information for our evaluation systems. She will be in charge of managing programs in West Africa, in collaboration with Angel Mario. She is originally from Italy, and is fluent in Spanish, English and French. She lives in Amsterdam. You can reach her at:

 Linda van Veen. She has joined Progreso in November 2015. She is responsible for managing the whole of the Resilience Fund program, as well as keeping the administration and monitoring of the Progreso and ProClimate programs up to date. She manages the relationship with Klantenfonds as well. She is Dutch and lives in Amsterdam. You can reach her at:

 Joseph Kalema. Kalema, as we all know him, has been with Progreso since 2011, in different roles. First, he was working as a consultant training producer organizations in Uganda; and for the past 2 years growing every day into his role as Manager of the program in the Eastern Africa region. He has a strong background in organizational development, agriculture and Value Chains. Interesting fact: he has a Master’s in Agriculture from a University in Costa Rica, so he is a fluent Spanish speaker. He is Ugandan and lives in Kampala. His e-mail address is:

 Edmond Muller. He has been involved since the creation of the ProClimate program in 2009; a program he holds deep in his heart. He manages directly these complex and interesting projects in Latin America and Africa, with the support of some consultants and Angel Mario. He is Dutch and lives in Arnhem, the Netherlands, but he is often found in our office in Amsterdam. You can reach him at:

 Angel Mario Martinez-Garcia. Already involved with Progreso since 2004. Current Executive Director and Manager of the above mentioned programs. He is really proud about the team, its diversity and incredible capacity. Looking forward to provide even better services to both our financiers and partners around the world. Born in Mexico, living in Amsterdam and constantly on the road. You can reach him at: and/or

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