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Restoring degraded land

ProClimate has an innovative business model to tackle the issues of land degradation and climate change at origin. We take a collaborative approach and work with businesses and financiers. Of the last 6 months, we have the following exciting news: 

  • The website is greatly improved and now also has a short movie.
  • There are several new projects under development in Indonesia, Peru, Uganda, Nicaragua and Kenya – see the projects page
  • From the industry side, several new traders / roasters have engaged us to support the restoration of their origins, to quantify the water/carbon impact and embed the impacts into their corporate strategies.
  • On the finance side, we are developing (roya) renovation mechanisms  to mobilize affordable long-term finance for producer groups (in collaboration with social lenders).
  • Also, we have started a collaboration with the Gold Standard Foundation on the development of a new methodology for sustainable land-use and climate-smart-agriculture. This should be available for implementation in 12 months.

Your feedback, input or suggestions are always welcome. 

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